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I currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have graduated from King’s College London with a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. Before that, I graduated from the University of Birmingham with First Honor Degree.

I used to work in Covid Corpus PhD group led by Dr Mohammed Bahja at the University of Birmingham. My responsibility is to design and implement Natural Language Processing modules, including Topic Modeling, Text Summarization and Article Recommendation.

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After that, I mainly focus on Natural Language Generation tasks. During my master’s degree, I was working on Few-Shot Learning for Table-to-Text Generation. The model makes state-of-the-art results using improvement techniques such as memory storage and prototype instance selection.

Here is my Resume.

Work Experience

Machine Learning Engineer Internship at Shengqu Games

08.2023 – 11.2023

In my latest tech endeavor during my internship, I focused on harnessing the power of large language models (LLMs) to refine the software development lifecycle. The goal was to leverage the company’s existing API documentation to train an LLM that could assist developers by providing real-time coding suggestions and conversational guidance directly related to the company’s APIs.

Project: https://github.com/Miraclove/DevAssistant

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Quantitative Machine Learning Internship at BOC International

04.2023 – 07.2023

During my time as a Quantitative Machine Learning Intern in the bustling financial hub of Shanghai, China, within a dynamic Fintech Department from April to July 2023, I embarked on a deep-dive into the fusion of advanced machine learning and high-frequency trading (HFT).

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Research Experience

Few-shot Learning for Text Generation

01.2022 – 01.2023

At the prestigious King’s College London, from January 2022 to January 2023, I was engrossed in cutting-edge research centered on Few-shot Learning, a subdomain of machine learning focusing on the capability of models to learn from a limited amount of data. My role as a researcher allowed me to dive into the challenges of text generation—a field where the articulation of coherent and contextually relevant narratives from structured data, like tables, is the prime objective.

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Software Developer at Covid Corpus

10.2020 – 06.2021

In a project that delved into the wealth of COVID-related academic literature, I had the unique opportunity to apply my machine learning skills to make sense of complex datasets. The project, a part of my final year under the guidance of my project supervisor, was a cornerstone in my exploration of natural language processing (NLP) and its applications in the real world.

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Research Interests

Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Chat Bot, AI Art.

Personal Skills

Python, Java, C++, Html, Javascript, SQL

Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Docker etc.


Natural Language Processing

Recommendation and Article Summary Generation for the COVID Corpus Website with the Ph.D. team using Topic Modelling (LDA), FNN, etc.

Few-shot Learning for Text Generation using T5, BART, BERT.

Computer Vision

Used to carry out Medical Image Segmentation on MRI Images by using UNet, CNN, etc and achieve a state of the art results.

Used to carry out Image classification on MINST datasets and achieve 99% at the top of the benchmark.


Experience in using Docker and Docker Compose for Mirco services in Web servers.

Experience in Django and React for web development, with Django as the back end and React as the front end.

Experience in Java Spring boot and MyBatis for web development.

Experience in Java LWJGL, JavaFX, Network Programming, and MySQL for online multiplayer game development.

Experience in Java Swing, MySQL, and Network Programming to develop instant message applications like Skype.

Experience in carrying out DevOps with Agile software development with the team, from finishing doc, and designing databases to implementing client-side and server-side software every loop.


Native Speaker of Chinese, Fluent Speaker in English.